True strength is finding hope, beauty and truth in the everyday

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"THAT DAY"...and more to come

The EP "That Day" has been getting great reactions! We're so glad that people are enjoying our music. During the last few months, we took a break from performing, but we've stayed busy working on new music for the upcoming season.

What inspires the songs? It depends on the day!

I often refer to the natural world in my songs. In spite of how negative the news can be, there is also beauty and goodness around us. I think God is always asking us to pay attention. One day, while driving home from work, a large flock of swans flew descended onto a nearby field just as I was passing it. I'd been so preoccupied, I almost hadn't noticed. I wondered how many similar things I missed on any given day. That was the starting point for Be Mine.

Listening to other people's stories is also a good place to draw inspiration. Even though we sometimes feel alone, we are on this journey together, and we have more in common than we realize. That's what binds us together. I know people who cope with unbelievable stress every day, but still manage to make me laugh. Thinking about these friends while facing my own stress sparked the song Storm.

Come out to hear us, or invite us to come to you! There are always new songs in the works, and we're ready to share them!


To make a booking, either with my band or for a solo show, just send me a quick message. We are always happy to play at your church function, local festival, family party or other event!