Solo debut!

I’m very excited to be putting on my first solo concert this week, March 1 2012 in Thamesville. Apparently it has sold out, which is awesome! I am looking forward to sharing a lot of music which has so far been heard mostly by friends and family. (Luckily my family hasn’t started complaining too much yet!)

The CD is underway! We are currently working on the first song, aiming for a total of 12, and maybe I’m being optimistic, but I’d like to have it ready for release by the end of 2012. My producer is Daryl Jubenville, and I am hiring studio musicians for some instruments. As songs are finished, I am planning to put them on iTunes, and I will include some samples here too.

I would like to thank my husband for taking some great photos, including this one. He has learned that he’s a photographer and he didn’t even know it. Thanks to my friend Larry, as well, for working on the colours and giving it more atmosphere. Who knew the woods beside my house could look so mystical.

Looking forward to the concert, and hoping to get some feedback from anyone who attends!


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