CD Progress & Upcoming Event

I am learning that making a CD is a bit of a roller coaster. Some weeks there is a lot of progress, then there are setbacks, but it is still coming together. It seems fitting that the first song we chose to work on is called “Patience”! I’ve decided that a song I wrote in 2008 needs to have a place on this CD, a song that fans have nicknamed it “The Laundry Song”, but the actual title is “Life’s So Fast” (formerly “Your Big Plan”). It’s a light-hearted and fun song, but people seem to identify with its message: life is too fast, too busy, and that we have to remember to keep our eyes on God’s purpose for us. It still applies to me, too!
On Friday, June 15 (well, technically Saturday the 16th) I will be playing at the Chatham Relay for Life from 1 to 2 am. I’m really excited about this opportunity to share my music with new listeners!


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