Some days I feel like “Patience” needs to be my personal theme song. It’s the first song I wrote after deciding to pursue music on my own, in May of 2011, and it sums up all the fears, anxieties and excitement about starting something new. I had no idea, as I wrote that song, that it would be the first of many that would pour out over the next year. All of the songs that are currently on the album list, with one exception, were written in just 11 months. God is GREAT… as I contemplated my musical future, I had no idea that I would be blessed with so many songs, so many of the right people, and so many opportunities in such a short time. But… I definitely need lots of patience because making a CD is a much longer process than I ever imagined. It’s getting there, but it will still be a few more months. I hope my listeners will be patient too! It’s coming!


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