Mary or Martha?

As I was sitting at the piano in the studio recently, tackling another recording session, I had to keep pushing away thoughts of all the other things that needed to be done. I can’t kid myself: this project requires a big commitment of my time and energy, so my family has had to do with less of me for months. The story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42) came to mind. When Jesus came to visit their home, Martha looked after all the preparations, and got frustrated that her sister Mary was just sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening to him. Martha was surprised when Jesus took Mary’s side, saying that Mary had chosen the better way to spend her time. So, when I am in the studio, I will put aside my worries about other things the best I can, and look at my CD as my chance to take Mary’s role, and focus on it for the time being. Last night, a musician was in for a session, and he was SO positive about the album: “Make no mistake, there’s a battle going on, and it’s so exciting when you’re in the battle!” Thanks for your enthusiasm, Roger, and thanks to all the other people around me who are offering support and encouragement to keep this project going.


One thought on “Mary or Martha?

  1. Love it! One thing about Mary…. Jesus said that she CHOSE the better…that means she knew what it was like to be a ‘Martha’ and yet CHOSE to be with Jesus…. I think that what is flowing out of your life right now is evidence of what you are choosing!! Keep up the good work!

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