Dodging Crickets

Adventures come in many forms, and our latest has been the noisy crickets around the studio. When it comes to background noise during recording sessions, we are used to things like having to wait for a train to pass, or hoping that we can complete a take before a particular bird starts singing again. But crickets??? I think they’re going to be singing steadily for a long time to come. Last night, we worked for two hours on the vocals for “Hear Me Calling”, only to realize afterwards that the crickets’ chirping was embedded in the track. We threw it out and hoped for the best… it would seem that we now have a cricket-free take… we hope!
The pre-release is a bit behind schedule, but we can’t blame the crickets. This fall, “Patience”, “Lost Soul” and “The Name of Jesus” will be available on CD, and on iTunes. Starting with this post, I’m aiming to updates and stories from the studio at least once weekly, so stay tuned! Until next time!

I think I hear Jiminy!

I’m going to spend the next two months trying to out-sing those crickets!


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