Musicians in the Studio

Even though I am the solo artist featured on this CD, it’s a bit of a misnomer in some ways to call it a “solo album”. This project couldn’t happen without the support of a team of people, including the musicians who have helped out so far. I play piano and keys for all tracks, but there are other instruments beyond my skills. Daryl has laid guitar, ukulele , drum and percussion tracks. Rick Van Rycheghem plays acoustic (upright) and electric bass; Matt Pollet, Arnie Birch and Roger Bastien have all lent their skills on electric guitar; and Jim Brown has brought in his acoustic guitar. James Jackson has also come into the studio to lay guitar tracks, but I have no photo to post at the moment. Everyone’s willingness to share their time and talents is really bringing the songs to life! In an upcoming post, I will include pictures of the singers who’ve come in to help so far.

For those who are waiting to hear what the songs sound like:  as soon as we have the release date, I will make sure the word gets out! Computers are wonderful, when they work… when they don’t, they can really hold things up!! Hats off to Dave Geroux who is faithfully working to solve yet another computer issue. Until next time!


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