What Life-Work Balance?!

At St. Paul’s Church, Thamesville

A full-time job, laundry, housework, errands, and all the busy-work of being a mom… help or hindrance when it comes to being a musician? It all depends on the day, it seems. Some days, I am exhausted and just need to rest. I have FINALLY learned that when I feel that drained, I just need to accept it, and sit still for a while! (Definitely a sign of progress!) Other days, the very things that take up so much of my time become the inspiration for another song. I have gradually come to realize that life-work balance is a myth, and that the secret to sanity lies in my attitude. Knowing what to ignore is as important as choosing what to focus on. Even with so many demands on my time, nothing can take away the excitement of performing! I enjoy the opportunity to sing at church on Sundays, or at Mass for a school-full of students and teachers; and I am looking forward to my next concert. An announcement will be made soon about the venue and date. I am also on the verge of making a release on iTunes. Details will be available soon. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “What Life-Work Balance?!

  1. Hi Tina, As an older super mom from another generation, I look back and wonder how I accomplished kids,household,acting career and now I’m an author with six published books in two and a half years, Vanilla Heart Publishing. Take that deep breath and go easy on yourself, super lady. Good health and success to you.

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