Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Luckily, the turbines nearby are quieter than the traffic (although sometimes more annoying!)

Living in a rural area, it seems pretty quiet around here… until it’s time to record tracks with the baby grand! We waited for more airplanes and trains today than I can count, and for more than a few motorcycles to go by in the warmer weather this summer. Today’s take was challenging. It’s amazing to think that the piano track for a four-minute song can take hours to record, but (sigh) it’s true! “I Am” is going to be a very dynamic song, and I’m really excited to be working on it, but I was more than happy to wrap up today’s session! I think all of my songs should be subtitled “Patience”! My fans need to be recognized for their patience too, because these songs are taking a long time to get out the door. But, I promise we’re making progress! The first digital release is getting closer, and we’ll be putting out four songs, not just three as originally planned. Details will be posted soon. Everything worth doing is worth doing well, even if it takes longer! Until next time!


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