Being Where God Wants Us To Be

One year ago this past week, I had an experience that I will never forget. I was very nearly involved in a car accident near my home. When I saw the seriously damaged car come to rest in the ditch near my car, I pulled over to check on the older gentleman inside. He was conscious but frightened, so I held his hand, talked to him and prayed for God to take care of this man that I didn’t know. After he was taken away in an ambulance, I left the accident scene fearing that he would not make it. I prayed to find a way to let his family know that someone had been there with him.

The next day, I heard on the news that the gentleman had died, and that he was from London, an hour away. I prayed again to find a way to let his family know that he hadn’t been alone in his last moments. Within days, I found two connections to this man through people I knew, and I was privileged to speak with his wife the day before the funeral. Apparently, this man’s biggest fear was being alone. I was told that it was a blessing for his family to know that a fellow Christian had been placed there, at the right time and place, to be with him and pray with him in his final moments. I can’t pretend to know why awful things happen, but a year later, I still feel awed and honoured to have been entrusted with such a responsibility.

God places us where he needs us each day, if we pay attention. Sometimes it’s in big and dramatic ways; sometimes it’s in the little things. If you want to share a story, please comment on this post. I would love to help get more stories out there.


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