Dec 1 Coffee House Live

Last night’s concert was a success! A big thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the show, and to Joshua Ministries for hosting–the Hub is a great venue! Thanks to Larry and Lorraine Forsyth for inviting me to perform, to Travis, Sheena & Aiden Van Middelkoop for opening, and to Daryl Jubenville for doing great work with the sound. One thing I learned–I’ll have to remember to avoid live Christmas trees whenever I perform! The unexpectedly scratchy voice made some moments rather memorable! Playing to a crowd is so different than working in the studio–recording has its own rewards, namely a finished, marketable product, but nothing can top interacting with people as I share my music and my stories. Thank you for your participation and your comments. That’s what makes it worthwhile!

I’m excited to announce that another concert in Chatham is in the works for the new year. I just received the invitation today but I think details will be available soon. Until next time!


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