Is It Spring Yet??

The red-winged blackbirds have been back for more than a month, but the weather has really been struggling to warm up. People have seemed a bit hesitant to get excited when the temperature goes up a bit, because the next day will probably be cold again. That’s the kind of spring it’s been so far. Today is sunny and gorgeous, so I am going to go out on a limb with some of the reasons I’m hoping spring is here to stay this time (even though my husband is saying it’s not):
1. I actually want to be outside.
2. My kids have the golf clubs out.
2. All the farm equipment on the roads.
3. My husband has brought his roofing crew out of hibernation.
4. I pretty much hate all of my winter clothes.
5. I’m making ridiculous lists of summer plans.
6. My bike is calling me.
7. The kids’ winter activities are finally!!!! done.
I’m looking forward to more time to relax with my music, in between all the spring things I want to tackle. It’s all in God’s hands, but here’s hoping!


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