So Much of a Good Thing

My house has been overflowing with music lately. I’ve been hard-pressed to get into the music room, what with all the practicing going on–not that I’m complaining!


I’m so happy my kids and I can share this love of music. I think they were programmed early, since I brought them along to choir practices when they were babies (although the twins might have been a little shortchanged in this respect). We are blessed to have fiddle, piano and guitar music in the house every day, with a bit of bass and trombone for good measure. Once in a while we even play together. My oldest writes fiddle tunes non-stop, so I chose one to arrange in 5 parts (fiddle, three guitars and bass). We get to perform it at a recital next month. I didn’t have this experience in my family when I was growing up, so I realize that this is a pretty awesome thing to share with my kids. My husband is happy to be our cheerleader and our roadie. More evidence of God’s blessings… something to smile about between all the responsibilities and busyness of family life.  🙂


4 thoughts on “So Much of a Good Thing

    • Hi! So excited you chose to nominate my blog for the ABC award! I’m working on it, it will take me a few days but I’ll get it done! Your blog is my favorite and your writing inspires me to keep going with my own. Thanks so much! Tina

  1. it’s a lovely thing, a blessing, to play music with your children. mine are so little, and still we have the best-est time (as my 5-yr old likes to say). thank you for your post, it made me smile. tony

    • Thanks for that, Tony. I’m sure there are more best-est times ahead for you. Treasure them while they are little, and enjoy the journey. I didn’t believe it when people would warn me that kids grow up so fast, but they do!

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