Happy Mother’s Day

My husband does not read my blog, and I don’t expect him to. Sometimes I tell him what I post, sometimes I don’t. He came home from work while I was working on my previous post, about the guitar I wanted so much, but we didn’t talk about what I was writing. I had already stopped talking about wanting that guitar, because I didn’t want to drive him nuts.

So… imagine my reaction when he surprised me with THAT GUITAR. Yeah, I know–awesome!! At first I was speechless, and grateful, and humbled, and then I was just plain excited! He just said, “Happy Mother’s Day. You deserve it.” I could have argued that point, but I didn’t. He was so happy to give it to me. I played it and played it, and he smiled from ear to ear. And then I read him the post I’d written about it, and he had a good laugh.

And my comment about God having a plan, that someday I’d get a new guitar, whether it was that one or a different one? I guess this is a reminder to me that God’s plans often come to fruition through the people around us, that we don’t always have to do everything all by ourselves. I’m feeling very blessed today, to have a great family. What more can I ask for.


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

    • Thanks for asking, Tony. Being mostly a pianist, I am not really very guitar-literate, so I just played until I found something that felt right. It’s a Fender parlor-style folk guitar. What sold me was the neck, it’s just right for my hand, and it’s generally beautiful. It makes me want to play.

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