Thoughts About Bacon… or Is That BAcON?

I came home from work soooo tired today. It’s been a long week, with my husband gone out of town for work for five days. With lessons, appointments, and outings, it was a bit busier than normal, so when my girls suggested bacon and tomato sandwiches for supper tonight, it sounded like a great idea to me. It would have been nice if they had taken over the meal preparation from there, but that’s another issue.

No, not that Bacnon

No, not that Bacon

As I was cooking, I realized how easily the smell of bacon takes me back to one of two places, depending on what kind it is. Bacon from my parents’ shop reminds me of breakfasts when I was growing up, around a big table in the farmhouse kitchen. We needed that big table, because there were ten of us. Each of us eight children had our assigned spot, and my parents sat across from each other in the middle. Once in a while, on summer evenings, my dad would cut the bacon in big pieces and barbecue it. Oh. My. I don’t think my doctor would recommend eating that every day, but it was definitely memorable! The “other” kind of bacon, regular store-bought, brings back memories of Sundays at my mémé’s house. After my pépé passed away, she sold the farm and bought a house in a nearby village. We would sometimes go to church early on a Sunday morning, and then go to her house for brunch. Those were happy times, figuring out how to sneak into the candy jar while keeping the music box built into the lid from making a sound. Even from the next room, she could still tell what we were up to. I’m sure it was because she was a retired primary teacher–we didn’t stand a chance, but we kept trying.

Fast-forward to this afternoon, with my 15-year-old telling me that he has figured out a chemical formula for bacon. It’s BAcON, and if you don’t recognize the chemical symbols, it’s boron, actinium, oxygen and nitrogen. I thought maybe barium, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen would work, but he informed me that the numbers wouldn’t line up, and barium would have to come after carbon, which would mess up the word. I will spare you the more intricate details. Apparently, his thinking amused his science teacher and his classmates today. I love it when my kids surprise me like this. We seem to be a little bit outside the box at my house, but that’s what keeps things interesting.

It’s funny how little things like these can make me think about life’s blessings. Today was one of those days when I needed something to help bring home the fact that things are okay, I don’t need to be stressed out, and I can just relax for a while. God keeps putting good things in my path, which I would see more easily if I could turn off the distractions in my head. That bacon and tomato sandwich was delicious, but it was even more enjoyable because it made me sit back and reflect happily on the big picture of my life at this moment. Who knew bacon could be so good for you?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts About Bacon… or Is That BAcON?

  1. My dad also has a unique way of marinating steak: pouring beer over it, right on the grill. It’s probably safe to say I will never decide to be a complete vegetarian.

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