Lessons from Fellow Bloggers

20130413_110654I’ve been a little bit frustrated lately. As usual, life has been full, and, well, pretty awesome, but still. I’m feeling behind at work, I have a mile-long list of things I’d like to get done around the house, and I’ve hardly had time to keep up with my reading, let alone think about writing. In spite of the other things I should have been doing, I decided to set aside a half-hour to sit still and catch up on some of my favourite blogs. This always leads to discovering new ones, as well, and I’m happy to say that when I was done, and the dust in my brain had settled a bit, I came away with some realizations to apply to my own life at the moment.

Slow progress is still progress. I get so impatient sometimes, and I wonder whether all the effort for my music project is worth it. Regular everyday life is busy enough. But, I know that it’s my passion and my calling. It makes me feel so happy and alive, and it brings enjoyment to others, so for those reasons, it is definitely worth it.

Enjoy the journey. I don’t know exactly what the destination is, so sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep it in focus, but I can still try to plan the journey, accept the detours, and enjoy the experiences as I make my way.

The courage to fail is the courage to succeed. If anyone would have told me 10 years ago what I’d be doing today, I don’t think I would have believed it. It’s probably a safe bet that there are more surprises in store. I just need to be brave enough to keep trying.

Perfection isn’t real life. Sometimes it drives me crazy when I can’t accomplish all the goals I have set out for myself in a specific time frame. I’ve gotten a lot better about this since being ill a couple of years ago. I no longer make ridiculous, impossible lists, and I’ve taken a lot of pressure off myself. There is no perfection to be had in my life, or in my music project, but I won’t let it stop me.

Great accomplishments are inspiring, but they aren’t for all of us. Not everyone can get an award for what they do. There isn’t much room at the top, and the most important things in life don’t get much public recognition. Being the greatest person that we can be, wherever God has placed us, and working to live out His purpose for us, is the ultimate great accomplishment.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for helping me to stay focused and stay afloat. I love reading what you put out there, and thanks for all the effort you put into writing meaningful, interesting and entertaining posts. Even if I don’t take the time to comment, I have been sprinkling lots of likes around, and I mean them. Thanks to those who take the time to like and comment on what I’m doing as well. I might be content to write to empty space, but it’s so much more rewarding to know that someone is paying attention, and getting something out of it. My half-hour of reading was obviously time well spent, and I’m already looking forward to the next time.


3 thoughts on “Lessons from Fellow Bloggers

  1. I think we wake up every morning with the intention of doing our best. And one of my last thoughts at night is whether I made the day and my actions matter. We are all still being built, we are works in motion and progress. We keep going and see what happens and what’s to learn. You do a great blog, keep on keepin on!

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