A Song for Sunday–Rest

Rest – Official Lyric Video – Downhere – YouTube.

Rest – Downhere

(My apologies, I could only include a link to the video, it would not directly insert into my post.)

There was a time when I was “tired and heavy laden”. I knew too much about weariness, in every sense. I knew that I walked around like I had a giant cloud over my head. I could feel it in my body, I could see it on my face when I looked in the mirror. The reasons were deep and personal. I didn’t feel I had any worth, and months of it had taken a toll on me.

I remember clearly the moment when I finally gave up and told God I was tired of the struggle, tired of feeling drained and feeling burdened. I remember that I didn’t want to pray at that moment, but I made myself because I knew I needed to…and He was right there, waiting to rescue me. It was an intense and powerful experience of change and renewal. I felt so relieved, finally released from what I called “the wheel of worry” that had been relentlessly turning in my head.

For weeks afterwards, a strong, new feeling of peace settled in me, but I still needed time to refocus and recover from my struggles. At a moment when I really needed it, I heard this song. It broke through the returning doubts and quieted my mind, flooding me with reassurance that I would be okay, that I could get through the rebuilding and manage to do what I believe God wants me to do.

To me, the words at the very end of the song, in that beautiful, soaring voice, bring it all home: “All you weary, all you broken, come to me, my arms are open.” Why do we so selfishly guard our burdens? Why do we think we have to do it all on our own? If only we allowed ourselves to hear his voice. He is calling all of us, waiting for us to realize that he is always ready, hoping that we will turn to him.


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