Another Summer of Change

Taken by one of my daughters, in the bush by our house

Taken by one of my daughters, in the bush by our house

Every year, I spend the month of June anxiously awaiting the end of the school year. June is hectic, at work and at home. And just as predictably, every year when July arrives, I need a few days to catch my breath. I’ve spent the last month getting through writing reports, playing at graduations, helping at the local festival (awesome fireworks!), and tying up loose ends in the three schools where I teach music. Phew! The students were all sent home, happy and smiling, for their summer holidays with their families, and I get to look forward to spending more time with my own.

When the children were smaller, and it felt like I had to run after them all the time, I wondered if I would ever be able to sit down and relax for a few minutes. Now that there are three teens and one almost-teen in the house, I realize how quickly the time has gone by. Every summer is a little bit different, because the kids have grown and matured since the year before. I love listening to their ideas, and watching their skills and talents take shape, because I get to observe hints of the adults they are gradually becoming. Awards at graduations, praise from teachers and accomplishments at public performances all help me to see them through others’ eyes. When I get to see them at these moments, I realize that despite all the things they do, and don’t do, at home, they are doing just fine. I guess if they always did everything they were asked to, right away, and never complained about anything, they wouldn’t be normal kids.

This summer will be jam-packed, just like so many others since we became parents, and now we can add the kids’ summer jobs to the list. I know they will appreciate the family vacation all the more, after having “worked for it”. In between all the family activities, my husband the contractor will work through his busiest time of the year, my music project will continue on, and I know that when late August rolls around, I will once again wonder how I ever fit my job into this already-full life. I thank God for all the blessings he keeps showering on me, because I know from experience how fragile it can all be. It wouldn’t take much to upset the balance. I pray every day that I stay awake and remember to be appreciative. I will only ever have one summer just like this.


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