A Song for Sunday–Waiting For Tomorrow

Waiting for Tomorrow–Mandisa

Maybe tomorrow I’ll start over

Maybe tomorrow I will finally change my ways

Said the same thing yesterday, don’t know why I’m so afraid

To let you in, to let you win, to let you have all of me

I actually considered writing a blog post this past week about procrastination, but I didn’t get around to it. The saddest part is, it’s true! This song gets at the heart of the matter: Why am I waiting for tomorrow? And I’m not talking about the usual things that we avoid, like homework, or chores. Why do we put off the things that matter, the things that will help us to become better people, and to live life more fully?

I started reading an excellent book this week, called The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose (Matthew Kelly). Almost right away, he challenges the reader to consider the question, “What do I want from life?”–not just the things related to worldly success, but the things that will help us to become, as he puts it, the-best-version-of-ourselves. He challenges the reader to consider what would really make them happy and fulfilled in life, and his writing is undeniably compelling. On page 12, after hooking the reader in, he suggests, “Stop reading. Put the book down. [The list] that you are about to write on that paper is infinitely more important than anything else I have to say in this book.”  Even though he wasn’t there to look over my shoulder, I took the order seriously and did just that. I filled a whole page in short order, and I was amazed at what I wrote.

My list is full of wishes for better and stronger connections with people, to know myself better, and to achieve the dreams I have above and beyond family, career and material things. God put each and every one of us here for a purpose, and while those things can all fit into that purpose, I believe there’s more. Some days I feel like I know what my purpose is, and I work enthusiastically towards it. Other days (and there have been a lot of them recently), I wonder if I’ve got it right, and if I’m headed in the right direction at all. I’m going to treat reading this book like fun homework, and dive right into exploring what it’s challenging me to think about. After all, the subtitle describes what I really want out of life: I want to be living every day with passion and purpose! I want to figure out what God wants for me, and to achieve it! The biggest thing holding me back lately has been, well, me, so it’s time to get over myself and get back on track.

I can’t spend my whole life wasting all the grace that I know you’ve given

‘Cause you made me for so much more than sitting on the sidelines

I don’t wanna look back and wonder if good enough could’ve been better

Every day’s a day that’s borrowed, so why am I waiting for tomorrow?

Why am I waiting for tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “A Song for Sunday–Waiting For Tomorrow

    • Thank you, and yes it is about taking life one day at a time. I seem to keep having to relearn that lesson. Luckily this time I came out without too many bruises. 🙂 I look forward to reading your post tomorrow.

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