A Song for Sunday–Undone


How many times have I thought I could do it all on my own? How many times have I failed because I’ve isolated myself, relied on my own ideas, and not asked for help? A wise friend once told me, in the words of St. Augustine, “He who counsels himself counsels a fool.” Those words stung at the time, having just come through a fresh round of mistakes, but all the same, I recognized the truth in them.

Come undone, surrender is stronger

How could surrender be stronger? How could coming undone make anything better? We associate surrender with being the loser. We associate coming undone with weakness. We praise the one who can stand strong, stand firm. So many women fall prey to this. We know need to be strong for our families, so we shoulder the burden of responsibility for our children, keeping everything functioning even when we’re exhausted. One friend summed up what happened to her: “One day, I just broke.” When I “broke”, the only way to be restored was to turn to God for healing. It took me months to admit that this is what I needed–or maybe it took me months to be truly willing to receive the help. I was trying to recover on my own strength, and I finally figured out it wasn’t going to work. Surrendering and humbly asking God for healing, knowing I had nowhere else to turn for the strength I needed, I finally got the answer to that prayer. I learned what it meant:

Come undone, surrender is stronger

I still forget, from time to time. I forget that I need to rely on God more, and myself less. Surrendering myself to God, and admitting my weakness and my need for healing, is what helped me to not just recover, but rebuild. Remembering this will help to keep me resilient and strong into the future.


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