Top Gear for Peace

Some days, it feels like the summer vacation’s been a bit too long, at least in my kids’ opinion. They start bickering, and they think they just aren’t able to get along. I beg to differ. I came downstairs a few mornings ago to find the two boys on the couch with the laptop, watching Top Gear videos together. My youngest is a car fanatic, and would watch Top Gear videos for hours if I’d let him. On that morning, the two of them decided to hang out for a while without arguing, and there was peace in the house. This happens more often than they might realize, but I wouldn’t want to burst their bubble.

In case you haven’t heard of Top Gear, I’ve included a video for your enjoyment. If you find the beginning a bit slow, skip ahead to the 3:30 mark, and keep watching till at least 5:00. It’s just good old silliness, and there are dozens more on the Top Gear YouTube channel. If this is what it takes to keep my boys happy for a bit, I’m all for it! I’m thankful for moments like this to remind me of the harmony that’s possible in my family. I’ll try to remember this the next time they tell me they’ll just never be able to get along.


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