A Song for Sunday–Blessings

Blessings – Laura Story

This song makes me realize just how much God has blessed me, and just how far I’ve come along the path that he’s set for me. Blessings really do come in many forms, and they are sometimes hard to recognize, at first.

I was driving my car the first time I heard this song, which was perhaps not the safest place to be. I remember that it was a couple of summers ago. So many things were weighing on my heart, so many struggles were pressing in on my mind, it was a wonder I could focus on where I was going, let alone the traffic around me.

What if your blessings come through raindrops

What if your healing comes through tears

What if the thousand sleepless nights is what it takes to know you’re near

What if trials in this life are your mercies in disguise

The dam burst. I cried giant tears down my face. I didn’t care who saw me. I wouldn’t have been able to stop anyway, so it didn’t matter much. I found a safe place to pull over and just stayed there a while.

The song touched on questions I desperately wanted to have answered. Would anything good come from my struggles? Would God take my brokenness and make me whole again? Would he help me find a new purpose to keep me going? This wasn’t the first time I’d had to rebuild. I knew there was no going back to the way things were, that the only way to go was forward, no matter how difficult.

I decided to hold on to the words of this song, and pray that God would use my struggles and my tears for healing, for as long as necessary. Two years later, I know that I’ve arrived safely on the other side. I’m not sure when exactly I got here. I just know that gradually, the healing I prayed for has taken place. I am at peace with the hardships, because I can see how they have strengthened and redirected me. There are still tough moments, and sometimes it takes me a while, but eventually, I remember to lean on God’s strength and let him bring me through.

What if trials in this life are your mercies in disguise

I know I will face more curves in the road ahead, because that’s how life is. I also know that if I let him, and if I’m patient, God will turn my struggles into blessings.


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