A Song for Sunday–Rise

Rise – Shawn McDonald

Yes I will rise
Out of these ashes rise
From this trouble I have found
And this rubble on the ground
I will rise

I love knowing that songwriters have really lived what they are writing about. Reading up on Shawn McDonald revealed that he has overcome some serious struggles, with the help of the faith that he discovered as a young adult. Even without knowing that, this song reached out to me. It has been playing around the edges of my mind for nearly a week, as I struggle to discover God’s intentions for me right now.

Like so many others, with God’s help, I have already overcome so much. Through God’s mercy, I have already gotten through so many troubles. God has plans for me, and I will do everything I can to pursue them! Out of the confusion and uncertainty I have been feeling lately, clarity will emerge. It might not emerge as quickly as I would like, but I will keep searching for it.

Cause He Who is in me
Is greater than I will ever be
And I will rise

I will keep searching, and I will rise!


2 thoughts on “A Song for Sunday–Rise

  1. Tina, inspiring post! Love the song. It is such a beautiful reminder for all of us that “He who is in me is greater than I will ever be.” The power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us can help us overcome what we cannot overcome on our own. Be blessed today and bless someone else!

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