A Song for Sunday–Ain’t Got Love

Ain’t Got Love–Greg Sczebel

So you got a Lexus
And you flex this
Every single chance you get
Mr. Material, billion dollar cash flow
Everybody’s favorite friend

Well, it all amounts to nothin’
If you’re still missing this one thing
And they call it love

I don’t have a Lexus, but the point isn’t lost on me. It’s late on Sunday night, and I’m still helping kids with homework, preparing food so lunches can be packed, waiting for the washer to finish so that the dryer can be run–not to mention the list of what I should have accomplished today, that I didn’t even get to touch. In the big picture, none of this matters a whole lot. I am going to take a deep breath, try to have a good night’s sleep, and wake up ready to tackle another day. I will try to be calm in the face of the deadlines coming up at work, and the requirements at home. Because, as St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthiansnothing I do will be of any significance if I don’t have an eye on the more important things in life. Not so easy to remember in the whirlwind that is my calendar some days, but I will keep trying.

If you ain’t got love
Y’ain’t got nothin’ at all
And if you’re standing on success
You’re surely gonna fall
‘Till you live for justice and mercy
Love to your capacity
You ain’t got nothin’
Ain’t got nothin’ at all, no


2 thoughts on “A Song for Sunday–Ain’t Got Love

  1. dear Tina, i needed to read this today. it’s all so much sometimes …and easy to miss those important things. x tony

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