Home in Progress

home in progressLately, I find I’ve taken to looking at home magazines, or browsing home dec stores again. My husband doesn’t really understand why I do this, because I never buy anything much. I’m not very good at picturing how things will look in my house, so I find it difficult to make big decisions in this area. As a result, our house is a little bit on the bare side, I think. We moved in almost 6 years ago, and I’m starting to wonder why this is taking so long.

I’ve got great plans, in my head. I have ideas for where I will hang those photos from our family vacations, or the painting I did a few years ago. The picture frames are still on the closet shelf, exactly where I put them last summer. The photos themselves are still in digital limbo, waiting for me to remember to print them someday. We plan to replace the living room furniture in the next six months or so, but we’ve hardly begun looking. We’ve also discussed repainting the main floor rooms, but we haven’t made a decision on what colour, let alone thought about setting aside time to get it done.

I imagine that other people’s homes are nicely decorated, perhaps with a theme going on. I wonder if the cornfield stubble out front qualifies our home as having a country theme, because I can’t really say the interior has any identiable decorating scheme going on. Busy family eclectic? Chaotic chic? I think the photo explains my approach best–found objects mean a lot more than store-bought, such as the stone I picked up during an oceanside stroll inΒ Numazu, Japan in 1995, when I was working in a nearby town. The bottles and glass come from the bush next to our house, and the shell recalls our trip to Hawaii. Stores are full of beautiful things, but it’s hard to beat collecting items that help hold onto memories.

Maybe I really do shop like my grandma. My mom said that to me in exasperation one day, when I was 17, and although it wasn’t a compliment, I didn’t feel too insulted. In fact, it kind of explained a few things, and it continues to make sense to me. With no disrespect to my mom, my grandma had it right in plenty of ways. It’s not the stuff, but the life inside the house that makes it a home. So, as I contemplate the all-too-frequent disorder, and all the things I’d like to change, I won’t let myself get too stressed about it. I will just try to remember the things that are going right, and to be thankful for all the good things that keep me going. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Home in Progress

  1. I love looking at those magazines too. They always have such interesting ideas. I also enjoy watching home remodeling shows. It’s not that I plan on doing any of it but I just love seeing the home makeovers and remodeling projects.

  2. If I can encourage you at all, it’s to say your house is probably better than you think, but all those things you talked about doing could make it even better! Wouldn’t you love to see those photos of places you love everyday? Get to it girl! And sure, the corn stocks say country to me, lol!

    • I definitely would love to see those photos on my walls, instead of on my to-do list! You’re right, I do need to get to it. I am going to give myself a deadline and stop making excuses! Then I will be able to post that I got it done!! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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