They Tried to Warn Me

I could learn from the oak tree at the end of our drive. It  never sweats the small stuff.

I could learn from the oak tree at the end of our drive. It never sweats the small stuff.

How did three weeks go by since my last post?? I have several drafts waiting to be worked on, but I haven’t published since November 24. I haven’t had time for much reading, and short of getting up an hour earlier in the morning (hard to do when I keep getting to bed too late), writing hasn’t been going well either. So, hats off to all you bloggers who manage to find ways to make time to get your posts out there for the rest of us to enjoy. I think I need to learn some of your secrets.

When my children were little, life was definitely busy. I enjoyed 14 months off after my youngest was born, and when I went back to work full-time, I felt swamped. Some of my colleagues smiled and said, “If you think it’s busy now, just wait till they’re older…” I didn’t believe them. What could be busier than the non-stop, never-sit-down days that I had then? Having four small kids, with a little more than 3 1/2 years between the youngest and the oldest, I think I was physically exhausted all the time. Fast-forward to life with three teens and one almost-teen, and… they were right. Yes, my kids can now get their own supper, do the dishes and look after their own laundry. However, I am now busy with other things–good things, but still…. I am now needed to help with science projects, math problems and English essays. I the listening ear for the problems of life and the state of the universe, sometimes late into the night. I drive my kids to and from music lessons, recitals, and school concerts. I ran into one of those friends a couple of weeks ago at a Christmas party. She asked me how things were with the kids (hers are all grown now): “So, are you running around like a madwoman? Is it crazy-busy?” When I said yes, she laughed, and I laughed along with her. What else could I do? They were right. The joke’s on me, and I know it.

So… three weeks since my last post. I should be ashamed of myself! In truth, I am a bit disappointed. I never intended to neglect reading blogs that I love to follow, and I didn’t plan to take a break for this long. But, maybe I need to cut myself a little slack. Maybe I need to declare early December a little holiday from blogging every year, because I am involved with putting on four school Christmas concerts, not counting running around to my own children’s shows. With apologies to all the bloggers I like to keep up to, I am probably going to have to lay low for a bit longer, and then I will be able to get back at it. I also hope to revamp my blog in the new year, which feels a little scary and a little big. I have some learning to do before I get to it, but I have plans. I’m not abandoning this ship, I enjoy it too much.

20121228_151557My friends were right, but I don’t have to let it defeat me. So, my readers, I would like to leave you with a question: What is the number one thing that works for you, when it comes to blogging consistently? Please share! I would love to hear your ideas, to build up my stock-pile of hope as I tell myself, yes, I can do this!