Album Update

20130413_110654Independent projects can be challenging. Circumstances intervene to create challenges and delays. Deadlines get set, and deadlines get changed. Through all of the successes and setbacks of 2013, however, the end goal remained clear. Friends remained faithful to their commitments, family and fans remained steadfast in their encouragement, and in sometimes surprising ways, prayers continued to be answered. I’m happy to say that recording is back on track and the end seems to be in sight!

Now it’s 2014, and “Where God Is” is getting close to completion. We have a new guitarist and bass player on board (welcome, Del Metcalfe!) and we’re currently working on his tracks. With just a few songs to finish up, I’m back to sacrificing evenings and weekends with enthusiasm! I will also be putting on my engineering hat so producer Daryl Jubenville can add the drum tracks, and then it will be left in his hands to get the mixing and mastering done.

The fact that the first release is entitled “Patience” sometimes makes me laugh, and sometimes makes me cringe. (If you’re curious, you can check it out under the “My Music” tab in the menu bar.) I’ve had to grow my patience again and again through this process. I’m still praying that no more big snags trip us up. But, finally, I can say that I’ve gone from wondering whether this will ever get done to happily planning for the CD launch event later this year. I won’t put a date out publicly until more details are ironed out, but will admit that I’m allowing myself to get excited. I’m so looking forward to the online release, and to opening that first box of finished CDs! I know CDs are gradually fading away but there are still those who will want them, including me. There is something satisfying about a hard copy that I just don’t get from owning exclusively online files.

The support of everyone around me continues to be awesome, and I will have a long list of thank-yous when the time comes. Sales continue to come in through iTunes and other online vendors, even though I have scaled back the marketing at the moment. And never mind my own patience–I am also grateful for the patience of everyone who has been asking, “When will you have the next song out?” I’m glad they haven’t given up on waiting. It must mean they think it’s something worth waiting for, and that helps to keep me going!


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