Winter Point of View

Earlier this week, spring came by for a visit. It was a few degrees above zero, the sun was out, and the snow that has been here since late December finally started to melt, to the point where it seemed like maybe it would actually all be gone. Not so. Today, winter gave us another giant wallop. Yesterday, driving around our neighbouring county, I was happy to catch a glimpse of red-winged blackbirds (my favourite sign of spring) flying above the reeds bordering the lake. Closer to home, I spotted tundra swans settling down for the night in a flooded field. This morning, I watched several sombre Canada geese standing in a field as they got pelted with driving snow.

How quickly things can change.

This winter has been colder and snowier than any I remember. If I don’t have a really compelling reason to go out, I’m pretty much inclined to stay indoors, but I found a few photos to prove that I actually did venture outside.


I don’t often visit the little pond at one corner of our property. It’s a bit tricky to get to it, as you have to find a safe way to climb through the thorns and tangled branches to get close to the water. We also believe that at least one family of skunks lives there, so it seems wise to avoid their territory.


Luckily, my son and I did not see a single skunk while we were out there.


That same afternoon, I decided to go uptown and wash our minivan at the self-serve car wash. I discovered that it’s not a great idea to do this when temperatures are below freezing! (Can you guess that I don’t do this job very often?) It wasn’t easy to get the job done, as the soap was clumping up in big, slushy chunks, but  somehow I still managed to get the vehicle cleaner than it had been. It led to some interesting views, afterwards.



This week’s spring weather was a nice break from the seemingly relentless pounding we’ve had this season, but after about 12 solid weeks, it seems it wasn’t enough to completely interrupt my winter frame of mind. If I just accept that it’s still winter, I think I can make it through to spring, whenever it decides to come to stay.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Point of View

    • Thank you, I needed something new! You are in worse shape than we are, weather-wise–I think we only got up to about 45 before dropping to 15. 72 would have made it harder to slip back into accepting winter! Here’s to spring, sun, and flowers!

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