A Song for Sunday–Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)–Chris Tomlin

After one of my concerts last year, my mother-in-law suggested that I add Amazing Grace to the line-up. “Everybody knows it, so they could sing along!” It sounded like a great idea…and almost immediately, in songwriter fashion, my brain started rolling around phrases for what became a new version, my own. Now I include “Amazing Grace (How Sweet the Love)” in my lineup as often as I can. I love feeling the energy as people relate to it. If I ever do a second album–still working on finishing album number one–it’s definitely on the list.

The videos I’ve included here are just two of the many great songs out there inspired by the old hymn. It’s easy to understand why so many songwriters gravitate to this concept of God’s “amazing grace”. To one degree or another, we are all in need of love, forgiveness and healing. At some point in our lives, every one of us needs to cast our cares on God, because the burden has become too much. Maybe your version of the higher power in the universe is different than the one I’ve accepted, but the bottom line is, I don’t believe that anyone can get through this life completely on their own. I’ve been on this earth for more than a couple of years, and in that time, I’ve had to learn to forgive myself for my mistakes. Dragging around a long list of past wrongs I’ve committed would amount to a huge weight, and I’ve had to learn to give it up. If God has forgiven me, then I should just let it go and stop dwelling on it. Likewise for those who have wronged me:  let it go–which is not necessarily the same as forgetting–and move on.

Being able to trust in that “amazing grace”, that healing, helping power, is freedom to me. If God is in charge, I don’t have to solve everything on my own. The pressure’s not on me. I can leave it to God. I don’t have to know all of the answers. They will present themselves in time, if I can stand to wait.

God is out for our good, and his “amazing grace” is there for any one of us. All we have to do is ask, and be willing to receive.

This is Amazing Grace–Phil Wickham


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