Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


Being from an agricultural region with very flat terrain, my kids think just about any place is way more interesting than what what they usually get to see around home. There are no real hills to speak of, let alone mountains, within quite a distance from here. So, the Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick were just one of the places they still talk about, months after we got home from last summer’s trip. They couldn’t get enough of crawling into caves and exploring various nooks and crannies in the rocks. One of our boys took the above photo, with my phone, while inside one of the caves.

(photo credit: innvestreithotels.com)

The Hopewell Rocks are a popular tourist spot, as you can walk on the ocean floor during low tide. At high tide, just over six hours later, the places where you walked will be submerged under as much as 52 feet of water. We didn’t stick around for high tide, because we were on our way home, with two more days’ driving ahead of us. I wish we’d had more time, because I wonder what these famous rocks would look like, with that much water around them.








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