Autumn Glories

pond in autumn Autumn is my favourite season. I love the mild temperatures, the colours of the leaves, and the fields as they turn from summer green to harvest gold. It all seems to last for such a short time, before the grey rains of late fall set in. Yesterday, I slipped out into our wild patch with my camera. Some day, I think I might learn to be a skilled photographer, but for now, I will content myself with simple snapshots for their own sake. Our pond was the perfect setting for a few brilliant trees on the far sumacI love the crimson red of the sumac, contrasted with the bright yellows, and sombre browns of other trees. The leaves that remain stubbornly green are admirable, too, as they resist the change going on around them.

red & yellow leavesI’m not sure what the vine is, but it gives even the reddest sumac some serious competition. It creeps around the trunks of trees in our region, remaining fairly hidden in the summer, showing itself at this time of year when the leaves fall from its's phone pictures oct2014 276

This morning, I stepped out onto the front porch to take in the sunrise. I would have loved to grab a mug of tea and stay for a while, but alas, that was not to be. The busy day ahead pulled me by the hand and whisked me away. When I got home this evening, at sunset, there were still plenty of leaves on the trees. It won’t be long before all I see will be bare branches against the sky.  october sunset Before this beautiful season slips away, I will look for more chances to just be still, and enjoy it.




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