Worth a Listen–2 Cellos, Thunderstruck

As an elementary school music teacher, being able to access YouTube in the classroom has definitely enhanced my lessons. I’m no longer limited to the CDs I can buy and carry around with me–there is a huge store of music out there, immediately available when needed.

I just love (no, I LOVE!) showing this video to students. Whether it’s the kindergartners learning about different instruments, or the older students learning about music in historical contexts, it is so much fun watching their reactions as the drama unfolds. The best part is that no words are required–it is completely played out in the music. And after watching, I think quite a few students would rate the cello much higher on the “cool” scale than they did before seeing it. If I could, I would thank these two performers for making my job easier!


4 thoughts on “Worth a Listen–2 Cellos, Thunderstruck

  1. You might be interested in knowing that Luka and Stjepan are classical music arch-rivals in Europe, so it’s quite interesting that they could get together to do something like this. They obviously understand each other, and have a great deal of respect for each other.

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