My Soundtrack–Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze–Seals & Croft

Winter has us in its grip this week. Records have been set for coldest daytime highs and overnight lows. I’ve had to dig out every last bit of winter outerwear I own, and I’m waiting for a new pair of boots to arrive at the local catalogue order store. Yes, we have real stores around here, but I don’t really like shopping at the best of times, and the selection of boots has dwindled because we’re already into mid-February.

As the winter grinds on, I’m trying to enjoy it, but I’ll admit it, I’m dreaming of spring. Oh, never mind spring, I’m full-out wishing for summer, hence this song. This new series is meant to be a catch-all–new music that catches my ear, songs that bring back memories of events, and so on. There will probably be quite a few from my childhood, because I think my mother always had the radio on in the kitchen when I was a kid, and I will be forever grateful. Many of my earliest memories are attached to songs. In some cases, I think the song is the memory, like this one. It was a #1 hit in 1972, when I would have been a little too young to remember, but it must have gotten a lot of airplay on our local station over the next few years. In my mind, I’m shorter than the kitchen counters while this song plays over the radio, and I sense my younger self standing still, completely entranced. I think I must have been hard-wired for music from the start.

Fields of jasmine will have to wait–everything is still buried in snow around here. But I can listen to this song, soak in the harmonies and smile while I dream of the summer sun on my face. It’s only a few months away!



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