Ice at the Falls

Falls lightsA couple of weekends ago, my husband and I headed up to Niagara Falls. We hadn’t been there for about ten years, maybe longer, and we were curious to see it. I On the American morning news shows (we don’t get Canadian channels, which I can’t figure out), we kept seeing amazing views of the ice, so we decided to go and see it for ourselves. The kids settled in for a weekend with Grandma, and we hit the highway.

We made it down to see the falls during the evening, thankful that it was only about -5C instead of -30 like it had been for weeks. The twenty minutes’ walk from the parking lot to the falls was treacherous, consisting of mostly downhill stretches in snow and slush, but there were plenty of other people braving the elements with us. As we wandered along the sidewalks along the falls, we heard many different languages, a testament to just how many people want to see this wonder, no matter what the season.Falls floodlights In spite of the relatively mild temps, my hands got dangerously cold while I took pictures with my phone, but I wanted some shots to show our kids when we got back home. I was taking these pics with my cellphone alongside people with equipment that I’m sure cost more than my car, but I still think these are fun.

I remember visiting the falls numerous times as a child, because we had relatives in the area. I remember being there in the winter, and being scared as my dad lifted me up close to the railing, high enough to scare me. I don’t ever remember being there at night, with the lights, so seeing the falls lit up, and then seeing the floodlights, was pretty cool in my books. I wish the pictures of the ice at the bottom of the falls had turned out, because it was truly impressive, but they are too grainy to be worth sharing.

All in all, it was a cool trip, and while we’re not exactly next door, it’s pretty awesome to live within driving distance of a sight my students in Japan talked about visiting one day. Maybe someday I’ll invest in some good photography equipment and join a club, so that I can have some better quality work to share. In the meantime, I’ll just muddle along and enjoy the view.


2 thoughts on “Ice at the Falls

  1. Tina, these are just fantastic. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

    Take care & happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

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