Piano, Transformed

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast fall, I wrote about a piano abandoned in the woods on our property, with the hopes of letting it weather the seasons. For a few weeks, I my imagination was filled with romantic visions of the piano covered with coloured leaves, and later, draped with snow. Every few nights, though, my sleep would be interrupted with a thought of the piano out among the trees, especially if it was raining–was it calling to me, asking to be rescued? I would tell myself I was being silly, and try to go back to sleep.

Then, one day, my mind wandered to spring–and any romantic notions of beauty drowned, unpleasantly, in the swamp in my mind. Our woods turn into a temporary wetland for a long stretch at the end of each winter, and I felt a bit sick when I realized that the poor piano was going to be knee-deep in mud and water. It was in a low spot, and I knew that its condition would go far beyond a gentle transformation, if it were left there for the winter.

It was too much. I knew I would feel terribly guilty if I let the original plan run its course. So, I asked my husband to go out there with me, and bring along the forklift. He obliged, and we put the piano into a safe place in the big barn.

Or so I thought.

A few weeks later, my sons caught me by surprise when they came into the house with an armful of piano keys. “We thought we’d save something from the piano for you, Mom!” they announced. Apparently, the piano had needed to be moved from its original spot in the barn, not once, but three or four times. A worker got careless and impatient, having to move it out of the way yet again, and it had an accident: a fall-off-the-forklift-onto-its-face-and-smash-into-many-pieces kind of accident. And no one had remembered to tell me.

Well, I chose to laugh instead of cry. The piano had definitely ended up being transformed! Like so many things in life, it was just not in the way I had originally planned. I still have the collection of keys in my basement. Every once in a while, I look at them and wonder what I might use them for. I’ve seen a few ideas online, but haven’t committed to anything yet. I would like to make something to hang up on a wall, but I’m still looking for the right inspiration. They might stay in the box for quite a while, waiting for the next transformation.


2 thoughts on “Piano, Transformed

  1. What a lovely heartwarming post. Was there any of the wood from the piano, still intact that you could possibly make a wooden box out of? and then store the piano keys inside… Oh how I would love to get my hands on the wood and let the imagination run rampant with ideas..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

    • I did save some from the front, and I’m debating what to do with it as well as the keys. The desire to make something of the pieces is fighting with my dislike of clutter, and I’m still not sure which urge is going to win out! Thanks for the idea, it might turn into something.

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