Emerging from Winter

I feel like I’ve finally emerged from winter.20150331_072243 Not that long ago, we had another snowfall, hopefully the last, but I wished the snow would go away quickly. I don’t mind the winter, but every year, in spite of telling myself that I should get out there and enjoy it, I feel a bit stifled by the snow, the cold, and the shortened hours of daylight. As spring approaches, and as things start to dry out and green up, I start to feel more alive again, more like myself.

These are some pictures I took during a walk a couple of weeks ago, not too long after that snow melted.

20150401_195319I recently realized that one of the sillier reasons for feeling trapped in the winter-to-spring transition is that I no longer had proper footwear. It’s no fun going outside in the mud when I have to worry about ruining my shoes. So, off to the store I went, and I came home with new boots. I had to test them, of course, so into the ditch I went. I rather enjoyed disturbing the decaying leaves with my steps.It’s too bad the photo is blurry, but that my smartphone camera isn’t too cooperative in the fading light at the end of day.




Many of the phragmites along the front of our property look battered by the winter snows, but I know they will regrow in full force. Since they are an invasive species, I wish they wouldn’t, but I’m not sure how to eliminate them. I miss the bullrushes that probably used to grow there, even though phragmites are all I’ve seen since we moved here.



20150401_195209Nearby, my favourite oak tree stretched its arms out to cradle the full moon in its branches. It’s just visible in the upper right, straight up from the smaller tree in the neighbour’s field.






20150401_195630Our skating pond looked a bit dreary, waiting for the kayaks and canoe to be brought out. The toboggan and snow shovels are definitely out of place now. With the temperature finally creeping up towards warm, instead of chilly, and sun in the forecast, I’m sure it won’t be long before the kids get the life jackets out and start paddling around.





There are good things about winter–I try to convince myself of this every year–but I’m happy to forget them as I put away my snow boots and heavy coat. In the two weeks or so since these pictures were taken, I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to go out without a sweater once or twice, and the grass is turning greener every day. Spring, here I come!











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