Weakness As Strength


“Your weaknesses are the key to the unimaginable bigger future that God has envisioned for you. Your strengths are probably already bearing all the fruit they can. They will continue to bear those good fruits in your life, but at some point they will begin to plateau. Your richer, more abundant future is intimately linked to your weaknesses.” Matthew Kelly


One thought on “Weakness As Strength

  1. The following came to me in an email from a friend.

    “I strongly believe that God uses our weaknesses in ways we don’t expect (or deserve!). They are weaknesses, we can’t manage with our own limited strength; we can only rely on God to persevere despite them or to overcome them where possible. We need God’s strength. So that is why I can persevere despite my limitations: with my children, with things that have become difficult like laundry or even walking, and with making rosaries and praying.

    May God continue to give you strength in weakness and direct how you use your strengths.”

    Although these words were directed to me, I asked my friend for permission to share them, because I think others can benefit from her wisdom. Thank you to this quietly amazing and inspiring friend, who is full of strength in spite of (or maybe because of) her weaknesses.

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