A Song for Sunday–Beyond Me

Beyond Me — Toby Mac

Oh, this song was timely for me when it came on the radio a few days ago. Some of my goals really do seem too big some days, and it was another of those days. So often, I feel like can’t keep up to the everyday stuff that needs to get done, let alone invest time and energy in what I really want to do.

Call it a reason to retreat
I got some dreams that are bigger than me
I might be outmatched, outsized, the underdog in the fight of my life
Is it so crazy to believe

That You gave me the stars, put them out of my reach
Called me to waters a little too deep
Oh, I’ve never been so aware of my need
You keep on making me see
It’s way beyond me
It’s way beyond me
Yeah, it’s out of my league
It’s way beyond me
It’s way beyond me
It’s way beyond

But every one of us has something to contribute, something that no one else can bring to the world. If I remember to rely on God, the one who gave me my own mix of talents and opportunities, I can take another step in the direction I’m supposed to go.

concert on the commons 2015 2You take me to the place where I know I need You
 Straight to the depths that I can’t handle on my own
And Lord I know, I know I need You
So take me to Your great
Take me to Your great unknown

What’s your dream? What have you been contemplating, but maybe afraid to attempt? Do you talk yourself out of it, telling yourself that it’s too much to take on, or maybe even silly? (I do, more often than I would like to admit!!) The world would be a much better place if everyone put their dreams into action, even if only a little bit at a time.

“The challenge life presents to each of us is to become truly ourselves–not the self we have imagined or fantasized about, not the self that our friends want us to be, not the self our ego would have us be, but the self God has ordained us to be from before we were in our mother’s womb.” —Matthew Kelly

Photo courtesy of my friend Lois. Yes, we look a bit like bugs with our sunglasses on, but we were thankful for the beautiful summer weather and the happy crowd of listeners. 🙂


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