A Fresh Coat of Paint


The front door on our house has been left unpainted for nine years. It’s not quite as awful as it sounds–the factory primer was still in great shape, although in a uniform non-colour of almost-white. Every summer, I make a ridiculously long list of jobs to do around home, and every September, I’m disappointed by what I didn’t get finished. This summer, the exterior doors were at the top of the list, because I wished I had gotten them done last year.

Early on Monday morning, before taking three of our teens to work at a local greenhouse, I snapped this photo. On my way home, I stopped in at the hardware store in our small town and picked up the colour I had chosen. My body still aching from some much bigger tasks that I’d taken on last week, I was looking forward to checking a smaller job off my list.

One coat of primer and two coats of red later, 20170718_093538I was feeling pretty satisfied with my work, but then I started to notice some of the flaws. Although I’ve done quite a lot of painting over the years, it’s definitely been a while. Little things I should have remembered were causing me trouble; like, when I took the tape off, and a significant amount of paint started to peel off with it. Or when insects would fly onto the fresh surface and stick there until I came out to do the next coat. So now, I’m done, but not really done, because the touch-ups will take some time.

As I worked, I wondered if this is how God feels about us. Sometimes I think we all might as well hang a “Work in Progress” sign around our necks, because we are all ongoing, unfinished improvement projects. I’ve been given a fresh coat of paint, so to speak, more than once, only to mess it up, sometimes royally. I know I’ve had more touch-ups than I could even try to count. I wonder if God grumbles about my mess-ups the way I did when I noticed the almost-dried drip running down below the doorknob, just one more spot I will need to fix.

I hope he doesn’t. I still need a lot more work.




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