the music...

“Real songs for real life!” -Jay Smith, CKXS 99.1 FM 

Tina Pumfrey and her band live in southwestern Ontario. Together, they spin rock, folk, blues and gospel into songs that range from soulful to foot-stompin' and everything in between. From festival stage to concert hall, Tina’s stories and lyrics resonate with people’s own experiences.

Tina's songs are most often inspired by the everyday aspects of life. We are not all called to headline-making achievements, but we all have a purpose in God's plan. Joy and hope echo through all of her songs.

With the collaboration of her band, Tina has released two studio albums: “Where God Is” (2014) and the EP “New Song” (2018).


...and the band!

Tina Pumfrey

Singer-Songwriter, Keys

Tina has been creating music for longer than she can remember. She started playing keys and singing with her cousin's band in 2004 and never looked back! Tina is also an elementary school music teacher, and pianist for a church choir in addition to providing music ministry in other local churches.

Sara Estoesta-Boundy

Backing Vocals, Auxiliary Percussion

Sara loves to sing! Tina and Sara began harmonizing as members of the same church choir several years ago, and have been collaborating ever since. Sara is an elementary school teacher and music minister.

Eugene Metcalfe


We rely on Eugene's exceptional drumming and one-liners to keep the rest of the band on track. While working at a local high school, we suspect he spends his breaks practicing in empty classrooms. 

Jim Brown

Bass Guitar

Jim's calm demeanor belies the constant  musical activity beneath the surface. His skills on the bass and at the sound board help to tie everything together. Jim is also a high school music teacher and not-so-coincidentally, guitarist in the same church choir that Tina plays piano for.