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New EP Released!

Thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate the release of "That Day" in June! It was a big day for us, to have the chance to share new music with you, both from the stage, and with copies in your hand--or online, of course! At that concert, we had the honour of welcoming Sara Estoesta-Boundy, our new backup singer. Sadly, it was also the farewell concert for Del Metcalfe, who has been my dedicated and very talented guitarist since 2014. 

    Thank You!

    "That Day" was a big project. I want to thank everyone who was involved, as well as all of my friends, fans and supporters who encouraged me to get it done.

    It also took a lot of hope and prayers--some of which were answered in unexpected ways--for this album to come together. God is good! He makes seemingly impossible things a reality!

    Special thanks to...

    • My family, for supporting this project in so many ways. You made a lot of sacrifices to help me with this.
    • My band--Jim Brown, Del Metcalfe, Eugene Metcalfe--for their dedication to this project, for all the hard work that they put in behind the scenes and on their own time, and especially for their willingness to share their time and talents
    • SLR Studios, Windsor--Marty Bak, Cody and Justin--for their expertise, professionalism and input along the way
    • Greg Mindorff of Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver for sharing his mastering skills, and putting the final polish on the project