True strength is finding hope, beauty and truth in the everyday

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"THAT DAY", out on the road

The EP "That Day" has been getting great reactions! We're so glad that people are enjoying our music. Playing live is the best, because we get to meet new people and watch them get into the music from our viewpoint on the stage. A big "thank you" to our fans for that--you are why we play! I pray for more chances to write songs that connect with you, and more opportunities to bring the music to where you are!

Being a faith-based singer-songwriter is a blessing and a responsibility. I write from my own experience, but also about what I hear and observe. I love hearing that my songs connect with people, because that is why I write.

"I was driving to work a few days ago, and I didn't know how I was going to be able to face the day, but your CD was in the car and it just started playing. I heard 'You are not alone, [down every road I walk beside you]', and it was so positive, and I thought, 'I can do it!'" -DB

"I love that song, how you want to make more memories like that photograph. It always makes me smile." -PZ

What inspires the songs? It depends on the day. God blesses us with so much. No matter what comes our way, He is there to love us, to guide us, to support us. He has gotten me through some things that seemed nearly impossible at the time. I've seen Him do it for friends and family as well, time and time again. So, no matter what I write about, the underlying message is always HOPE.

I've been accused of writing songs that are too happy, that don't address enough of the troubles we face in this life. First of all, I disagree that I ignore the troubles we face--they're in there, if you listen--but secondly, if the main thing one can say about my songs is that they are "too happy"... I think that's a good thing! There is more than enough negative to go around. Let's be united in celebrating what there is to be thankful for! 

Any time you want to come out to hear us, or invite us to come to you, we would love to meet you! Just send a quick message, and we will be happy to make arrangements!


To make a booking, either with my band or for a solo show, just send me a quick message. We are always happy to play at your church function, local festival, family party or other event!