1. Where God Is

From the recording Where God Is

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Where God Is

I’ve been feeling disconnected, like I’m watching my own life
Think it’s time for intervention ‘cause I need to feel alive
Yeah, feel the sun on my face
Or if it’s storming stand out in the pouring rain

This is where God is, in the small things
That happen all the time
Want to embrace what life brings, yeah
This is where God is, when my heart sings,
And I feel the Spirit running through my veins
That’s when I know where God is

I’ve been feeling disillusioned, disappointment’s got me down
Think it’s time for some perspective
‘Cause this world’s still going round
Yeah, feel the sun on my face
Got to keep living every moment, every day / Chorus

I wasn’t meant to hide or live in isolation
Gonna struggle till I find my place in God’s creation / Chorus

© Tina Pumfrey SOCAN 2014 / All Rights Reserved