1. Photograph

From the recording Where God Is

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Came across that photograph, your smile still makes me laugh
There was a party going on, as we danced to our favourite song
Remember how we used to be, when there was only you and me
Spending hours on nothing much, talking ‘bout our dreams and such
Well, it seems like yesterday
When I’m with you the time just flies away

I’ve got your smile to pick me up when I’m down
And I’ve got your loving arms to wrap around me
I’ve got your shoulder at the end of a hard day
Long as I’m with you I’ll never lose my way
Yeah, I’d like to make a lot more memories like that photograph

Well, we’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve always come around
This is where I want to be, every day God gives to me
No matter what might lie ahead, we’re gonna keep our promises
We meant those words we said, in good times and in bad
And it seems like yesterday
When I let your sweet love carry me away / Chorus

Sometimes, I’m amazed at all the blessings that we’ve had
And what if all the best things haven’t happened yet / Chorus

© Tina Pumfrey SOCAN 2014 / All Rights Reserved