1. Sparkle

From the recording Where God Is

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You make the sun come up each morning
You set the moon and all the stars in the sky
You shaped the world as it was forming
Carved the valleys, raised the mountains high
If I sail across the ocean, or climb up to the heavens
I’ll find you there
You keep everything in motion, and all around
You leave signs that you care

You put colour in the sky, and a sparkle in my eye
You’re the breeze blowing through my hair
You’re beauty everywhere
In my heart, You’re the song
Yeah, You keep me holding on
‘Cause I know that whatever I do, when I’m with You
I sparkle too

You are beyond imagination
You’re bigger than my mind could ever comprehend
You wrap Your love around creation
You are master of the universe
But I can call You friend / Chorus

You lead me by still water, I can see you sparkle there
When I look up to the nighttime sky
I can see You sparkle everywhere / Chorus

© Tina Pumfrey SOCAN 2014 / All Rights Reserved