From the recording Where God Is

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You Fill My Life

Sunlight slides golden fingers through the curtains
Paints a picture on the kitchen wall
Flowers nod, heavy-headed in a vase on a little table
Down the front hall
Photographs on the sideboard, loved ones gone
Family records of other times
Children smile, baby faces, memories leaving traces
On this heart of mine

Life is full of change, but You keep on blessing me every day

I’ve got muddy footprints all over my clean floors but
I’ve got sleepy hugs good night
I’ve got the beauty of another sunrise and
All of these good things are mine
You fill my life, You fill my life

Moonlight steals pale fingers through the blind
Spills brightness on a messy bed
Restless night, thoughts winding
Wishing for a way to find a quiet mind instead

Life is full of change, but You keep on walking with me every day / Chorus

I have chosen to live my life for You
And every day You show me what Your love can do / Chorus

© Tina Pumfrey SOCAN 2014 / All Rights Reserved